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Rebecca Steinke President

Rebecca spent most of her childhood marching in Drum Corps.  With her hometown of Saginaw, Michigan she marched with Saginaires from 1977 to 1986.  Rebecca loved the Troopers rifle line since first seeing them at DCI in 1977.  She was very happy to march her age out year with the Troopers in 1987.  After aging out, Rebecca taught color guard for various area marching bands.  She completed her music education degree from Western Michigan in 1989.  She taught general music and choir for 10 years in public schools.  She had her own Kindermusik program for about 7 years.  Most recently she was the assistant of the music education department at St. Cecilia Music Center in Grand Rapids, MI.  Rebecca is also a very proud mom of a Trooper.  Her son, Kyle, marched with Troopers from 2016-2019.  Currently, Rebecca is living in the Indianapolis area and loves to volunteer for the Troopers whenever they are in the area.

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