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Submit your Nominations to the Troopers Hall of Fame


Today is the deadline to submit your nomination to the Troopers Hall of Fame Class of 2017!

Although the Corps celebrates a rich history spanning nearly 60 years, the Hall of Fame is still very young – in fact, this is only the 4th induction cycle. Currently, there are 18 individuals who comprise the Hall of Fame. These people have had a profound impact of the Corps’ legacy, but there are many more deserving individuals who need to be recognized.

Please take that extra moment today and submit your nomination so that we can honor the extraordinary people who have had such a prominent influence in our lives!

CLICK HERE to submit your nomination online.

Eligibility for Nomination:

Marching members: Nominees must have marched at least three years in the Troopers and a minimum of 5 years must have transpired since the last year marched.

Staff, Volunteers and Supporters: Nominees must have provided at least three years of service to the Corps in some capacity.

Current Hall of Fame Members:


Jim & Grace Jones

Ted & Traute Gilbert

John Masterson

Ruth Anne Atnip

Tony Monterastelli


Mike Ottoes

Fred Morris

Sterling & Debra Bock

Jim McIntyre

Milly Emmons


Gene Monterastelli

Ken Davis

Pete Emmons

Fred Sanford

Mathew Krum


Submit your nominations today!

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