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Diane Delong Treasurer

Diane grew up in Casper, moved there when she was two and a half years old, which means she also grew up with the Troopers.  When she was in high school, a friend who was in the colorguard asked her to go to one of the rehearsals if she was interested.  She went and learned to twirl the flag with Larry the Color guard instructor, where she was invited to join the colorguard.  Since she didn’t play an instrument that would allow her to march, the colorguard was a great way to join Troopers. She marched that winter and summer of 1980 in the flag line and winter and summer of 1981 as flag and guard commander.  What an honor that was to be asked to be guard commander!  She  moved to Montana when she graduated high school in 1982 and life became busy, getting married, having four children and college. She didn’t keep up with drum corps for quite a few years. She now has  four amazing kids, three awesome kids-in-law and nine wonderful grandchildren. When she got back to following drum corps Troopers had left Casper as their base and so much had changed. She moved back to Casper in 2017 and has been involved with watching and supporting the Troopers ever since. She also marched the first year of the Alumni, now Legacy Corps and enjoys fund raising for Troopers. It is an honor to tell people she is an alumni!

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