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Our First Alumni Spotlight

Where are they now?? Life happens right? We move on past our marching years, get real jobs, have a family, travel the world, or serve our country. Whatever it is you do, as life takes its course it can be easy to let our drum corps connections fade. The purpose of the Troopers Alumni Association isn't solely to support the Troopers of today financially, emotionally, and competitively. It is also to provide opportunities to reconnect with those we once marched alongside and meet new people to share our Troopers experiences with. In our new monthly series, "Where Are They Now?" we will interview an alumnus to take a look at where they are now and learn how the Troopers shaped them into who they are today. In this series we aim to create these opportunities to reconnect and learn a little bit about our brothers and sisters in the Long Blue Line. We hope you enjoy!!

Where Are They Now: Daniel Suda

Where are you from and what year(s) and section did you march?

Houston, TX and 2008 - Mellophone

Why did you choose to march with the Troopers?

My high school band director, Russell Holcombe marched with the Long Blue Line in the 80’s. When I told him that I was interested in marching drum corps, he naturally encouraged me to consider the Troopers. I decided to attend a Texas audition camp with my good friend and classmate, Dylan Schau (Euphonium). Fortunately, we both made it into the corps and became bus partners for that summer. The influences around me definitely guided me to Casper, WY!

Which instructor had the most influence on you when you marched? Why?

Scott Atchison was our brass caption head that year. Although his intensity was a bit much to handle as a naive 17-year-old living without his parents for the first time, the life lessons he taught me turned me into who I am today. Its tough living on the road with 150 new friends, but the support provided by the staff was amazing. I really learned how to function as an independent adult, and got to learn about people from all over the country. I will never forget the time at brass block when we all took our nail-clippers and snapped them right at Scott!

What are you up to now? (Married? Kids? Job?)

I currently work for the University of North Texas (UNT) Alumni Association as the Director of Affinity Programming. Happily married to my wife, Catherine Saenz who I met as an undergrad at Texas A&M University. No kids, but we have two wonderful corgis that we enjoy referring to as fur-babies. Although I do not work in music directly, UNT is known for its strong arts program, and I work with the College of Music on several alumni engagement events throughout each year. I feel like every week on campus I see a student in their drum corps jacket and it is always nice to make that connection with them. I still wear my scarf ring on my necklace daily, and never plan to take it off. HLD - GO TROOP!

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