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The 411 on Alumni Jackets ordering through April 5

Alumni jackets are now available to order through April 5.

Do you not have a jacket? Did you lose it? Does your old member or alumni jacket no longer fit? Is the style of your old jacket something you no longer wish to wear? Then the current alumni jacket offerings are a perfect way for Troopers’ alumni to proclaim their identity and re-connect with both the Long Blue Line and the drum corps world.

Additionally, excitement is building for the 2022 corps, making it a perfect time to show your Troopers’ pride. And, thanks to the work of the Sabers Circle, the leadership team of the Troopers’ alumni efforts, it is now easy to show corps pride with a new customized alumni jacket.

According to jacket campaign coordinator, Shawn Mulligan, varying alumni jackets have been offered through the years. However, none were available for purchase in any recent period. Therefore, the committee began researching how to offer this gear approximately three years ago.

“We wanted to be able to offer choices to our alumni, because one size or style does not fit all,” said Mulligan. “We are fortunate that the supplier of the jackets is very flexible and offered wonderful input into the decision process.”

According to the alumni jacket committee, feedback from the nearly 100 alumni who have purchased the jackets is overwhelmingly positive.

“I love wearing my jacket anywhere!’ said Lauren Ryals, current Chair of the Sabers Circle. “However, I like to wear it when I am traveling or at various music events. It is fun to have conversations with people who know about the Troopers. I have heard some of the best stories about the corps in airports with new friends who love the Troopers.”

An order period for alumni jackets is currently underway, allowing alumni to receive a jacket before this summer’s DCI shows begin. For anyone on the fence about purchasing, here is additional information about the offerings:

Quality materials and stitching set these jackets apart. There are two choices for jackets and ways to customize any order. Plus, the available styles are likely to be available for years to come, allowing the Sabers Circle to provide consistency in alumni jackets.

“Our supplier assures that the jackets they inventory will be available for at least 10 years, allowing for their availability for a very long time,” noted Mulligan.

The basic jacket comes in one of two styles. The first is the Softshell (or Core) which is a softer jacket with a light and tight fleece lining, interior pockets, exterior pockets and quality zipper.

The second style is the Herriton, a sturdier canvas jacket with snaps and zipper. In addition to standard exterior pockets, the Harriton boasts an arm pocket and one interior pocket.

The Core style jacket is a lighter weight, three-season jacket while the Herriton can be worn year-round.

Customization options are helpful with these jackets. While the cross sabers logo with founding year and a name are part of the standard order, there is ability to personalize one's name with an addition of section, years marched or other info up to 15 characters. The large logo on the back is not standard, allowing individuals to opt for a more tailored look. It is easy to upgrade any jacket order with the back logo that makes any wearer identifiable as a member of the Long Blue Line.

Basic pricing starts at approximately $80. Adding the alumni logo on the back is $22. Shipping/handling is approximately $15 for each individual jacket. Other customization pricing varies.

For additional details, you can find videos in the Troopers’ Alumni Facebook group. Or, visit the alumni website for detailed information and to order:

Don’t wait until the last minute! You’ll want to look over the sizing chart and potentially take a few measurements yourself to ensure you get the best fit. Also, you will want to make sure you have time to input any customization.

The last day to order for this period will be April. 5.


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