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Why Order An Alumni Jacket by April 5

Big things are coming for the A Corps in 2022. Show your pride and connection in a big way with an alumni jacket.

Drum corps jackets are a time-honored tradition in the world of the marching arts. Receiving a member jacket is a rite of passage for contracted performers. However, over the years, jackets may become out of style or no longer fit, leaving alumni longing for the identity and connection wearing a corps jacket fosters.

If you hurry, you can order an alumni jacket in time for summer thanks to the work of the Sabers Circle, the leadership team of the Troopers’ alumni efforts.

Why an alumni jacket? The following are all great reasons:

*Share in Troopers’ no matter where you are in the country.

*Display pride of your corps association.

*Represent the size and scope of the Troopers’ community.

*Experience connection.

*Let the current marching members know you support them.

*Be easily found in a crowd at shows and events.

*Wear a conversation starter and be ready to meet new friends who have a Troopers’ story to share.

*Connect to the history of the Long Blue Line.

Visit the alumni website for detailed information and to order:


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