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TAAC Ends Member Dues - Leadership Elections Coming Up Soon!

Attention Troopers Alumni:

If you were a Trooper, you worked hard. You earned your way every day on the field of rehearsal and by your conduct as a member in good standing of America's Corps.

And now, consider your status as a member in the Troopers Alumni Association (TAA) to be your lifetime reward.

No dues required.

The Troopers Alumni Association Committee (TAAC) recently voted a key change in its operations. Simply put, we now recognize every person who was a Trooper to be member of the Alumni Association. As such, we have ended the annual dues requirement for TAA members. It’s time for every Trooper to be a part of the association that represents the Long Blue Line.

But the story doesn’t end here, it continues through direct support of the corps we love:

  • We will never forget the Troopers 60th Anniversary reunion events of 2018, with unprecedented alumni attendance and an emotional on-the-field circle to sing our corps song with our young sisters and brothers of today’s Troopers.

  • In 2018 we reached another milestone: a $13,000 alumni contribution to the “Rocky Mountain Rivalry” campaign that culminated in the Troopers beating the Blue Knights in this annual competitive fundraising tradition between the two corps.

  • Along the way, alumni donated directly to support meals for the corps, paid for fuel for the road, volunteered, and helped the corps in many other ways.


By ending the dues requirement, the TAAC can provide multiple, direct programs that help the young men and women of the Troopers. These 2019 initiatives have approval from the Troopers administration and Board of Directors:


TAAC elections are coming in November. Join us and serve with Alumni Association in a leadership position! The nomination period begins on November 1st. For more information, contact TAAC President Lee Engle at 503-410-9814.

Troopers rise, and stand up for the corps you love!

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