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The Troopers Alumni Corps continues to work on its 2021 plans. We’ve made a bit of a shift from our previous plans to better align ourselves with the activities of the “A” corps summer plans. Our virtual tribute to Jim Jones originally scheduled for June 11th has been shifted to July 11th. We are scaling back our performance plans to accommodate the corps activities.

ALL Troopers are encouraged to continue to participate. However, the Alumni Corps will only be presenting “No Man Is an Island”. Brass performers will only need to prepare that one piece of music for this event. Percussion and guard members are encouraged to still submit a video for the project introducing themselves, when they were members and what Mr. Jones or the Troopers means to them.  Deadline for all video submissions is May 23, 2021. Then, tune in on July 11th for the live stream of the corps performance. Question or more information – please email:

​Next, the Troopers Alumni Corps has accepted an invitation to participate in the America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration in Plymouth, MA. This event includes a parade and alumni corps indoor concert performance opportunity. This trip would take place November 18-21, 2021 and will bring the TACP onto the national stage. 


Registration for this trip is now open and registration costs is $50 per member. This event also involves uniform and travel costs for the member. Uniform costs are estimated to be $150 per person. The Troopers Alumni Corps will stay at the 1620 Hotel in Plymouth and that cost is $139 per night. The Alumni Corps will provide group meals, equipment and uniform accessories for this trip. 


Members who register for this event will perform the following: 

  • Battery – Cadence “Walk This Way”

  • Full Corps – “American Ghost Riders”

  • Brass ensemble – “No Man is an Island”

  • Full Corps – “Magnificent 7”

  • Brass encore – “Battle Hymn”



The Troopers Alumni Corps staff and administration is very excited about these performance opportunities in 2021. While these plans are a shift from plans previously announced, these plans are the best option available which allows the mission of the TACP to continue to move towards the ultimate goal of a large field corps in 2023. 


For registration information about the Troopers Alumni Corps, visit

Daily updates, news, schedules and more can be found on the Troopers Alumni Corps Facebook Group


The mission of the Troopers Alumni Corps Project (TACP) is to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Troopers Drum and Bugle corps through a series of drum corps style performances and to provide a social outlet for members of the organization.



  • A 5-year build up plan that adds elements year over year resulting in a full field corps in 2023.

  • Continued and steady growth in funding and member participation.