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The Troopers Legacy Corps, fresh off it’s successful trip to Plymouth, MA in November, 2021, is setting its sights on 2022 with bolder plans. The corps has plans to return to a more “normal” summer season and looks to perform at our home show in Cheyenne, WY on July 15th. Additional performance opportunities are being explored and will be announced shortly.


Membership registration is now open. Deadline to register for 2022 activities is April 15th, 2022


Repertoire for the Troopers Legacy Corps 2022 will maintain American Ghost Riders, Magnificent 7 and Battle Hymn from our 2021 campaign. We will be adding a percussion feature and one additional chart for the coming summer. 


Our goal for this year is a corps of 155 members. Breakdown is as follows:

Brass - 24 trumpet/16 mello/24 baritone/12 tubas

Battery - 10 snare/5 tenors/5 bass/4 plates

Front Ensemble - 12

Rifles - 12

Flags -20

Honor Guard -11


For registration information about the Troopers Legacy Corps, visit


Daily updates, news, schedules and more can be found on the Troopers Alumni Corps Facebook Fan Group Page


The mission of the Troopers Legacy Corps Project (TACP) is to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Troopers Drum and Bugle corps through a series of drum corps style performances and to provide a social outlet for members of the organization.



  • A 5-year build up plan that adds elements year over year resulting in a full field corps in 2023.

  • Continued and steady growth in funding and member participation.