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The Troopers Alumni Corps is pleased to formally announce their performance plans and goals for 2021. With the shift away from a typical DCI summer tour expected again in 2021, the Troopers Alumni Corps has needed to make the decision to pivot their organizational plan in an effort to continue to engage membership and continue its build-up towards the 65th anniversary in 2023.

The corps aims to offer performance and participation opportunities by offering two distinct events Troopers alumni can join. The first event will be held in June and will pay tribute to the Troopers founder, Jim Jones. The alumni corps staff and membership will compile a series of performances to that will be presented via Facebook Live events. This event will include:

  • Brass ensemble performance of “No Man is an Island”

  • Percussion ensemble performance of a Jim Jones percussion composition

  • Full alumni corps performance of “Magnificent 7”

  • Combined Alumni and A Corps performance of “Battle Hymn”

Troopers Alumni who wish to participate in this virtual tribute event will need to register to participate. Members will be asked to practice and then record themselves playing their part(s) for the music selected. The TACP team will them compile video submissions into a full presentation which will premier June 11, 2021. 

Registration opens January 11 and costs $25. Alumni who register for this event will have access to all music and learning tools. Registration fee includes a special members shirt that will be sent to all participants. 

Next, the Troopers Alumni Corps has been extended an invitation to participate in the America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration in Plymouth, MA. This event includes a parade and alumni corps indoor concert performance opportunity. This trip would take place November 18-21, 2021 and will bring the Troopers alumni corps onto the national stage. The parade draws 250,000 spectators annually and the concert event is geared specifically to alumni corps participants. Other alumni corps who typically attend this event are the Boston Crusaders Sr, Classic Cavaliers, North Star and Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights – all corps the Troopers have historically competed against in our storied past.

Registration for this trip open on January 11 and this registration costs is $50. This event also involves uniform and travel costs for the member. Registration costs provides each participant with a member shirt, and commemorative Alumni Corps cross sabers hat pin. The alumni corps will also provide limited use of equipment, and uniform accessories. 

Members who register for this event will perform the following:

  • Battery – Street Beat/Cadence 

  • Full Corps - American Ghost Riders

  • Brass ensemble – “No Man is an Island”

  • Percussion – Drum Solo

  • Full Corps – Magnificent 7

  • Brass encore – “Battle Hymn”


The Troopers Alumni Corps staff and administration is very excited about these performance opportunities in 2021. While these plans are a shift from plans previously announced in October of 2020, these plans are the best option available which allows the mission of the TACP to continue to move towards the ultimate goal of a large field corps in 2023. 

For registration information about the Troopers Alumni Corps, visit

Daily updates, news, schedules and more can be found on the Troopers Alumni Corps Facebook Group


The mission of the Troopers Alumni Corps Project (TACP) is to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Troopers Drum and Bugle corps through a series of drum corps style performances and to provide a social outlet for members of the organization.



  • A 5-year build up plan that adds elements year over year resulting in a full field corps in 2023.

  • Continued and steady growth in funding and member participation.

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