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Summary of Events in 2022

The Troopers Alumni Corps will prepare a 11-minute stand-still, full uniform field performance to be presented in Cheyenne, WY on July 15th. The corps will assemble and rehearse starting July 13 in Cheyenne and perform that weekend. 


Additional performances are being discussed and will be announced shortly. Any additional performances will fall within the set time frame of July 13-17, 2022. Members should plan to be in Cheyenne on these dates. 


Registration is now open for this summer’s events. 


Special notes:

  1. New members' fees include all corps provided uniform costs. Each member must provide their own black marching pants and shoes. 

  2. Returning members from 2019 and 2021 pay a reduced fee because they already have paid the uniform costs for their year. (2019 members do need to purchase their uniform top, however) 

  3. Membership fees include corps provided uniform costs, equipment fees, some meals and membership swag items. 

  4. Important to note that membership fees paid are non-refundable.

  5. Members who register are expected to participate in fund-raising activities in the spring. These activities cover transportation, music licensing, insurance and other operating costs of the TACP. Full participation is essential.

  6. All registered members are expected to participate in local, regional or virtual  practice sessions as scheduled. 

  7. All registered members are expected to fulfill their commitment to the alumni corps in 2022.

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