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What Participating in Troopers Legacy Corp Looks Like in 2023

Commitment to the 2023 Legacy Corps will include multiple days of travel and rehearsal. We will continue to offer monthly virtual rehearsals in the winter/spring and move to weekly section check-ins starting early spring. We may host 1 in person camp (by section) between April and June. Attendance is STRONGLY encouraged for all virtual and in person rehearsals. Members are also required to submit video updates of playing performance throughout the winter and spring months.


DCI Finals Events - August 7-13, 2023 - 6 days total


Returning members will pay a $200 registration fee to participate. This fee includes all required uniform parts provided by the TLC, (hat, hat cords, hat pin, scarf, ring, belt, buckle) some meals and group transportation to performances where required. Returning members who wish to replace or swap their existing uniform top will be assessed a $50 fee at registration.


New members will pay a $250 registration fee. This fee includes all required uniform parts provided by the TLC, (uniform jacket, hat, cords, hat pin, scarf, ring, belt, buckle) some meals and group transportation to performances where required.

-All members are required to raise a minimum of $100 through fund-raising efforts before June 30th. Members may opt to make a one-time cash payment at time of registration to meet this obligation if they choose.


-All members must complete SafeSport training and submit proof of background check (within the last 12 months) or submit for a new check by June 30th in order to participate in TLC events. Members who completed the full SafeSport training in 2022 will only need to complete a refresher course for 2023.

-Members are required to adhere to all corps and DCI-mandated COVID protocols and precautions. 


-Members will be required to provide their own transportation to/from event locations. The TLC will secure discounted hotel accommodations for each event. Motor coach transportation to/from TLC performances will be provided from designated locations.


The TLC will provide a lunch meal on the days the corps is gathered and rehearsing. Meals will not be provided for check-in or check-out days. Breakfast is included in a hotel package. Dinner meals will be the responsibility of the member.

Members agree and understand at the time of registration that they are expected to complete their commitment to the TLC. This includes attendance at rehearsals, camps and performances as noted above. Failure to meet these requirements will result in removal from the membership rolls and a forfeiture of funds paid. Members who are removed will also not receive member benefits such as shirts, patches or other items. Members agree to participate in all required events.

Members agree that some sections may have auditions to perform certain musical parts or solos. The decision of the caption head is final. If the member does not accept the position assignment, they may be dismissed from the corps with no refunds owed.


Members understand that there are certain physical demands required of the members. All members must be able to stand for extended periods of time during rehearsals and performances. The TLC will incorporate moving drill to the 2023 presentation and all members MUST be able to meet the physical demands.  If they cannot meet the physical demands and wish to remain with the TLC, they will be offered a spot in the FRONT ENSEMBLE OR HONOR GUARD where drill is NOT required.


Special notes:

  1. New members' fees include all corps-provided uniform accessories. At the conclusion of TLC events, the members keep their uniform.

  2. Each member must purchase their own black marching pants and shoes. 

  3. Returning members from 2019, 2021 & 2022 pay a reduced fee because they already have paid their uniform costs. 

  4. Important to note that all membership fees paid are non-refundable.

  5. Members who register are expected to participate in fund-raising activities in the spring. These activities provide funding for bus transportation, music licensing, insurance, equipment rentals and purchase, and other operating costs of the TLC. Full participation in fundraising efforts is required.

  6. All registered members are expected to participate in local, regional or virtual  practice sessions as scheduled. 

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