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Pat Chagnon - Legacy Corps Director

Dale Hillegass- Assistant Legacy Corps Director

Nick Simons - Assistant Legacy Corps Director

Tanner Wood - Fundraising & Donations Manager
Megan Duevel - Food Service Manager  

Lisa Wetherbee - Communications Manager
Trish Estes Walker -  Member Manager

Katelyn Tam - Recruiting Manager
Leslie Woodward - Uniform Manager
Brett Owens - Press/PR Manager

Stephanie Plautz - Social Media intern
Nick Meihe - Admin Intern/Equipment Manager
Jodi Salerno - Medical Lead
Jerry Dixon - Safety Manager

Design Team

Todd Carrasco - Program Coordinator

Dr. William Woodworth - Staff Coordinator/Drill Writer

Jason Nitsch - Brass Arranger

Todd Carrasco - Battery Arranger

Dave Marvin - Front Ensemble Arranger
Greg Horne - Rifle Design
Teresa Doan - Flag Design


Brass Staff

Sarah Wagner - Brass Caption Head

Keith Allen - Tech

David Mitchell - Tech

Sam Borland - Tech
Lauren Huff - Tech


Percussion Staff

Todd Carrasco - Percussion Caption Head
Bill Woodward - Front Ensemble Lead

Deondre Smiles - Tech

Gary Gomez - Tech 

Craig Taylor - Tech
Lisa Crider - Tech 


Visual & Color Guard Staff

Dr. William Woodworth - Drill Writer
Austin Hall - Visual Tech

Greg Horne - Rifles

Teresa Doan - Flags

Diane Krum - Flags


*All staff are required to complete SafeSport Training and submit background checks at the start of each calendar year.

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