Five Reasons to join the TAA Today!

1. Family, It’s the #1 way to connect to the Troopers: There are many sources of drum corps information, and ways to stay in touch those you were closest to - but only one TAA is dedicated to keeping you informed and engaged on the latest Troopers news through updates, media, and activities.

2. Keep the traditions alive: When you were a marching member, you were part of a community that provided you an indescribable life experience, rich with history, tradition, and a winning spirit. Being part of the Alumni Association is one way to show the pride earned through wearing the uniform. Our legacy is only carried on through us.

3. Champion the drum corps cause: No one of us can forget the thrill of a loving crowd, ever appreciative of the special brand and experience we provide. Thousands of youth, parents, volunteers and dedicated professionals are part of this unique activity that provides an unparalleled education and life experience – and The Troopers, as a founding member of the activity, continue to be a role mode. We are a critical piece of support to keep that going.

4. Members get perks: Not only are your membership dues and donations tax deductible, but discounts on merchandise, access to better ticket prices/seating, and the most up-to-date news are only available to members of the association. There are thousands of us who have worn the uniform over nearly 60 years, and many former Troopers have gone on to be leaders in their communities and professions – that’s a great network for career growth, community services, and more.

5. You make good things possible: Your Troopers have a very bright future, with a top notch educational staff and leadership focused on building the corps into a perennial Finalist once again. The field rules, instruments, and performances may be different today than it was when you marched, but the need for a vibrant alumni has never changed. Whether it’s an organized “Troop Whoop” or an informal gathering at a camp, your connection with others just like you is a great way to show your undying support. You’ll realize that as everything changes, what today’s Troopers are experiencing, and need from us, is just the same as it ever was.

Memberships to the association cost as low as $4.38 per month! Don't wait any longer and join us today. We need you, the Troopers need you.

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