TAAC Election Results!

The numbers are totaled and all of the votes have been counted. The new TAAC members will take their places at our next TAAC meeting on Wednesday, December 12th. Thank you everyone that voted.

The current TAAC made some changes in order to break a tie as the vote count was very close, and two candidates did tie. We added an additional member to the TAAC, which brought the total number of members to eleven. Adding an additional member to the committee also gives us an odd number of votes which could be a help in settling ties in the future on matters of the committee. We also designated one candidate as an alternate TAAC member. In case another's priorities change, and that member has to resign, the alternate can step right in to fill that vacancy. We also know the number 11 has special significance to the Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps.

Basically what this means to the Troopers Alumni Association is that everyone who ran for a spot on the TAAC will play an important role as we move forward. Thank you to every candidate who ran for one of the positions on the committee.

Tony Monterastelli, Arlington Hayne, Shawn Mulligan, Rebecca Steinke, Scott Bradford, Jeremy Cantu, and Jack Malm are our elected members, and Cinnamon Johnson is our alternate member. All of these members, and alternate member are expected to attend all TAAC meetings, and be a productive member of the committee.

Remember, these committee members are your representatives of the Troopers Alumni Association. Every alumni had a vote, and will continue to be an important part of our TAA. With no more dues, we all are equal members.

I am looking forward to serving the Troopers Alumni Association in the next year. One of my main objectives is to see a significant increase in participation from all of our Alumni Association members. You are all important to the success of the Troopers Alumni Association, and the Troopers Drum Corps itself. We do this for the young people who perform with us year after year, and make sure each and everyone of them get the opportunity to experience what we did.

Lee Engle

TAAC President

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