Troopers Alumni Corps seeking performers for special event in 2019!

Looking ahead to the summer of 2019, we’re super excited about our plans for the corps home show. The Troopers Alumni Corps Project will kick off events by forming an Honor Guard and brass ensemble to appear and perform at the Troopers Home Show on July 12th, in Casper, WY. This will be a one-day event for any Troopers Alumni who wishes to participate. The brass ensemble will be led by William Woodworth and Jack Malm. They will have sheet music and run rehearsals in Casper. The Honor Guard will fly the American Flag, Troopers championship banners and a representative of flags from shows and performances past.


Honor Guard – arrive in Casper no later than July 11th and be available for 3-4 hours of organizing and practice. Equipment (flags and side arms/weapons) will be provided. A small fee (~$11.00 /pp ) to cover the cost of flag poles will be required.

Brass ensemble – arrive in Casper no later than July 11th and be available to practice an arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner. Troopers Alumni who wish to perform MUST supply their own instrument for this event. Instrumentation will consist of Trumpet, Mellophone, Baritone and Tuba. A small fee (~$11.00/pp) to cover the expense of music will be required.

Members of both the Honor Guard and Brass Ensemble will be asked to purchase a shirt signifying them as a member of the 2019 Troopers Alumni Corps Project ensembles and will be worn as the “uniform” for the show appearance. (~$15.00 /pp) Members of both the brass ensemble and honor guard should provide their own black pants and shoes to wear for the appearance.

To join this performance group, or for more information or questions, email with the following information:




* T-shirt size

Option : Brass Ensemble or Honor Guard

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