Honorary Trooper Alumni program started - Fred Morris & Kristy Jackson inducted

The Troopers Alumni Association is pleased to announce the formation of the Honorary Trooper Alumni program. This program will pay tribute to individuals that have greatly impacted the Troopers organization over it's 61 years. Any alumni can send in a nomination to be considered by the Troopers Alumni Association Committee. If approved by the committee, an Honorary Trooper Alumni will be recognized with full benefits of any other member of the association.

On Wednesday, the alumni committee voted unanimously to induct former Troopers corps director Fred Morris, and current corps director Kristy Jackson into the Alumni Association. Aside from a marching member, there are few individuals that could love the Troopers as much as a corps director.

Fred Morris was named corps director in 2006 and succeeded in his efforts to assemble teams of people that helped stabilized the organization. In 2009, the corps returned to finals and in 2013 the corps landed one of it's highest scoring shows in our history. Fred retired from his position of director following an incredibly successful 60th anniversary season. Next to Jim Jones, Fred is the longest serving corps director in Trooper history.

Kristy Jackson began her service to the organization as a volunteer in the Troopers Bingo hall. Her skill as an administrator gained her the attention of corps management and in 2011 she began working in the corps office. Since then, Kristy has taken care of thousands of our performers on the road and became known as Mama "K." She has worked diligently to ensure that the organization functioned in a modern and compliant way. Under her leadership, communications and modern standards were applied to all aspects of the organization and have led to transparency in finances, and success in fundraisers. Over the years she has assumed the role of nearly every position imaginable. In 2018 she was named assistant director, and last fall after earning her way, Kristy Jackson fulfilled the example of the American dream and became corps director of the Troopers. In addition to her role as director, Kristy is taking an active role at the DCI level, bringing a breath of fresh air to the future of the activity.

Please welcome our new Troopers Alumni!

To nominate someone you feel should be an Honorary Trooper Alumni, please send in an email to alumni@troopersdrumcorps.org and tell us who you think is deserving and why.

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