Honorary Trooper Alumni named: Jones, Gilbert, Simons, and Shaw!

Last night the Troopers Alumni Association committee voted to induct the following individuals in to the Troopers Alumni Association as honorary members.

Jim & Grace Jones

Anyone that knows a thing or two about the Troopers knows that this is an obvious choice. Mr. Jones founded the corps in late 1957. He and Grace ran the organization until is retirement in 1988. The entire drum corps community would not be what it is today without the incredible vision of these two icons.

Ted and Traute Gilbert

Those that marched from the 1980's until current day will know who the Gilbert's are. For three decades they were known as Mom and Dad to the thousands of young people that passed through the organization. Traute helped pioneer the concept of the mobile kitchen and did just about everything you can imagine. From sewing uniforms to feeding the kids, Traute made a big difference in the lives of so many.

Ted was know for many years for his work selling the Troopers souvies. When you thought about the Sheep Wagon, it was Ted on the inside. Ted is also a long standing member of the Troopers Board of Directors where he currently serves. You can find Traute still hard at work in the Troopers Bingo office on almost a daily basis working to keep the mission moving forward.

Nick Simons

Nick has been involved with the Troopers throughout the decades. In the mid to late 70's he nearly became a marching member, and even substituted as Drum Major at one event. He then went on to become one of the brass instructors where he continued throughout the years.

In the mid 90's he returned to the corps as a brass instructor once again, and then moved into the administration where he served as Assistant Director to the corps until the early 2000's. Nick returned to the organization last year when he became a member of the Troopers Board of Directors.

Dave Shaw

Dave was instrumental in the annals of Trooper history. As an instructor in the early days, he sat with the legendary Fred Sanford on a late night journey through Nebraska where the two penned the infamous words of the Trooper's Corps Song. "Promised land, where dreams are big and hearts are bold..."

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